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Bibliometric/Altmetric Data Analysis and Reporting Internship/Capstone Project, University of Pennsylvania Libraries and Penn Global Medicine, (Philadelphia, PA)

Overview:  Unique project to determine the global and domestic impacts of University of Pennsylvania and Penn Global Medicine’s medical research efforts. Candidates will work with University of Pennsylvania librarians and Penn Medicine executives to develop and use tools for bibliometric and Altmetric analysis to demonstrate Global Impact.

Scope:  Provide a series of reports using licensed datasets and tools for which training will be provided.  The datasets would be within the last 20-30 years with emphasis on trends and peaks from those individuals citing work, to highlight impact and influence in clinical practice or research discovery.


  1. Applicant will be using multiple software-databases to develop queries, hypotheses and models
  2. Applicant will collect and analyze data using a variety of software tools, creating new tools as needed in order to discover and communicate the stories behind the data.
  3. Applicant will be working with multi-disciplinary teams of Physicians-Nurses-Administrators in Clinics, Marketing, and Public Relations to develop insightful questions to answer.
  4. Applicant will collect data from metrics to include but not limited to:  Scholarly Publications, Citations, Patents, Clinical Trials, New and other media findings; social media and communication sets, etc.
  5. Applicant will learn how to visually represent data to ensure accurate interpretation.
  6. Applicant will learn Network Mapping and narratives to express relationship impact among various institutions and individuals.
  7. Applicant will be readied to assume a professional position as an impact metrics analyst in a library or other professional setting. Strong mentoring and support will be provided.

Time allotment:

Entire academic unit for the internship or capstone requirement. This will include meetings (virtual at this time) during business hours, however with global work, accommodation for others’ schedules in their time zones may be required in a few instances.


  1. Proficiency in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  2. Familiarity with or eagerness to learn bibliometrics and altmetrics databases (e.g. Dimensions, Scopus, Web of Science, Altmetric Explorer for Institutions).
  3. Proficiency in Virtual meetings with ease required.
  4. Basic familiarity with computer programming. Familiarity with or eagerness to learn quantitative analysis and statistical tools.
  5. Professional demeanor and self-actualized to develop action plans and meet timelines.
  6. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to meet deadlines and create accurate reports.

Start date:  ASAP

How to Apply

Reports to: 

  • Kelly Abramson, RN, MSN-Executive, International Business Development, Penn Medicine
  • Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, Ph.D., MLS, Director of Data & Innovation Services at the Biomedical Library. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LIBRARIES