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Divided America Project Archivist, Brown University, Providence, RI


The Divided America Project Archivist is a project-based position housed at the John Hay Library.  Work will primarily be accomplished at the Library Collections Annex. The Divided America Project is grant funded and will support public programming and provide digital access to nearly 1,000,000 pages from Brown’s Hall-Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda. The Hall-Hoag Collection, the country’s largest research collection of material on political, social and religious dissent in the United States, documents 30,000 organizations and offers a unique basis for understanding U.S. social and political developments from 1946 to 1999 (and beyond).  It serves as the anchor collection of one of the John Hay Library’s signature collection strengths:  Ideology and Power, which documents the evolution of political, social, and religious ideologies and the complex ways in which ideology influences social and political power structures.  Digitization of the Hall-Hoag Collection will contribute to the Hay’s commitment to expanding access to underrepresented groups and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collection materials.

Reporting to the Head of Digital Services and Records Management, this term-limited position will manage all aspects of the project including the document preparation, creation of metadata, and ongoing relations with the digitization vendor. Digitization of the Hall-Hoag Collection will be divided into 78 two-week sprints. To support this work, the Divided America Project Archivist will train and oversee 4 to 10 student assistants to perform entry-level tasks in the creation of batches for the two-week sprints to meet the overall project deadline. The Archivist will provide periodic updates to library leadership and granting agencies. The Archivist will be responsible for the selection and preparation of materials and creation of pre-digitization metadata. They will use project management techniques and software to track status of materials and coordinate with the digitization vendor and the Library mail room to ensure timely delivery of materials. The Archivist will conduct image quality control of digitized images, collaborate with library staff to ensure post-digitization metadata is correct, and will oversee the upload of images and metadata into the Brown Digital Repository. The Archivist will also be an integral member of the intellectual and professional communities of the John Hay Library and the University Library more broadly and will participate in staff meetings and development. The Archivist will have the opportunity to participate in yearly professional conferences for development and present on the grant project at conferences including Society of American Archivists. They will also collaborate with the Center for Digital Scholarship’s Digital Publication Initiative on the creation of a digital symposium and digital exhibition.

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