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Remote Library Cataloging Volunteer, International Center for Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma (ICMGLT)


The ICMGLT, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is building its first virtual library in support of its mission to facilitate multidimensional, multidisciplinary, national and international, comparative, integrative dialogue among social scientists and scholars in other relevant fields to:

● Raise awareness of the universal importance and ubiquitous suffering incurred through multigenerational legacies of trauma
● Find ways to prevent its destructive legacies from being perpetuated across succeeding generations
● Utilize informed, stigma-free advocacy to raise sociocultural awareness of and commitment to preventing trauma and its multidimensional lifelong and multigenerational effects

Learn more about ICMGLT here:

This volunteer position will focus on cataloging the ICMGLT’s unique library of electronic resources according to the cataloging guide established by previous catalogers. This will involve identifying metadata elements (author, date of publication, event described, etc.) and logging them in WordPress and Microsoft Excel. All decisions will be reviewed by the ICMGLT’s cataloging intern and extensive training will be provided for consistency.

This is an exciting opportunity for self-motivated individuals interested in the library and archival field looking to develop skills in cataloging, metadata management, and the overall organization of information.

Work is completed remotely, and hours are flexible. We will happily fill out any necessary paperwork required by your institution to apply this volunteer work for MLIS/LIT program internship credit. The number of hours expected to be completed by a chosen candidate will depend on their availability and requirements from their institution, but we would prefer if a volunteer could complete at least four – eight hours of work a week. As library development progresses, we may be able to offer additional volunteer opportunities such as grant writing, fundraiser event design, and libguide creation.

Required Experience and Skills:
● Strong organizational skills
● Must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in a cataloging class, or otherwise have relevant knowledge in metadata/organization of information

Additional Notes:
● WordPress or web development experience may be helpful, but is not required
● Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is desired, but not required

How to Apply:

There is no official application cut-off date and we will review applications as they are received. Please send your resume and a brief statement of interest that describes your relevant experience and skills to Avery Ardent, Intern Cataloger for the ICMGLT ([email protected]). Feel free to field any questions regarding this position here as well. We are excited to work toward an important and meaningful goal while developing your skills in a supportive environment!