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19th/20th Century Latter-day Saint and Americana Catalog Librarian, BYU Library, UT


The mission of this position is to provide accurate and prompt bibliographic and authority records in
international and local cataloging databases for the Harold B. Lee Library General and Special
Collections materials relating to the Latter Day Saint movement, Utah, and the West, with an emphasis on 19th and 20th century materials and content. This covers all formats, including text, digital, audio-visual, and serial, with a growing emphasis on digital manifestations. The mission also includes maintaining relationships with Lee Library subject specialists in Church history/doctrine, the Latter Day Saint movement and Western Americana, as well as curators in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. This position may also be assigned other subject areas depending on departmental needs and is responsible for the overall quality of the catalog in these areas.

The mission also includes participating in the citizenship, professional development, and scholarship/creative works activities associated with faculty status.


  • Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from an ALA-accredited institution
  • In-depth knowledge of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other aspects of the Latter Day Saint movement, and the history of Utah and the West (preferred: graduate degree in history)
  • Knowledge and skills in applying cataloging and classification standards, such as:
  • Working knowledge of name and subject authority standards and formats (NACO, SACO)
  • Knowledge and skills in cataloging input systems and databases (SirsiDynix, OCLC preferred)
  • Familiarity with digital library metadata standards and commercially available digital library software packages including ability to map and interpret fields from other metadata schemas to and from Dublin Core.
  • Knowledge of special collections librarianship, including:
  • History of books and printing
    • Significance of original artifacts and nature and value of primary materials for learning, teaching, and scholarship
    • National standards and ethical guidelines, including those of ACRL’s Rare Books and
  • Manuscripts Section and the Society of American Archivists
    • Intellectual property rights, patron and donor privacy standards, and other legal issues relating to special collections in physical or digital formats
    • Understanding of security and preservation needs of special collections
  • Reading knowledge of multiple languages preferred
  • Knowledge and skills dealing with the use of national bibliographies, national encyclopedias, histories of national literature, and other reference materials in the subject area, especially the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Ability to communicate clearly orally and in writing, including ability to represent the library in settings such as library associations, entities within the Consortium of Church Libraries and Archives, and professional organizations relating to history, the Latter Day Saint movement, and religion
  • Ability to supervise other employees
  • Flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing software environments


University citizenship
a) Behaves in a manner reflecting honor, integrity, collegiality, civility, respect, concern for others,
and adherence to the CES Honor Code.
b) Supports, and makes affirmative contributions to the university and library mission, goals, and objectives.
c) Observes university and library policies.
d) Participates on university, library, and consortia committees that go beyond assigned responsibilities. (See also 2.c)
e) Participates actively in the intellectual life of the university, library, and department.
f) Participates in citizenship, leadership, and governance activities in the university, library, and department, including service in rank and status reviews, hiring processes, etc.
g) Collaborates with colleagues in citizenship and librarianship.
h) Mentors, encourages, and advises colleagues and students.
i) Serves the scholarly/professional community through activities such as:

  • Holding office or performing committee service in relevant associations; or
  • Organizing professional meetings and/or panels; or
  • Editing newsletters or journals; or
  • Serving on editorial boards; or
  • Serving as a referee of scholarship.

j) Employs professional expertise in service to the community and the Church.
k) Attends university, library, and department meetings, including devotionals, forums, convocations, etc.
l) Participates collaboratively in international and service-learning and other activities that enhance BYU’s approved outreach efforts.
m) If requested, teaches academic courses for credit, either in assigned departments or related subject areas.

Librarianship: Professional Assignment
a) Demonstrates effectiveness in accomplishing the specified professional responsibilities:

  • Performs descriptive cataloging (according to the cataloging standard Resource Description and Access [RDA]), subject/genre cataloging, and classification of materials in all formats for the Americana and the Latter Day Saint movement collections in the HBLL.
  • Works closely with and shares assignments with the 21st Century Latter-day Saint and Americana Catalog Librarians. The principal division between these positions is chronological with this position concentrating on 19th and 20th century materials, but catalogers have flexibility to work out details of job division.
  • May be called upon to catalog other subject assignments depending on department needs.
  • Performs cataloging and catalog maintenance in both the local integrated system and OCLC. Creates and enhances OCLC master records as necessary and contributes original cataloging directly to OCLC.
  • Keeps abreast of changes in cataloging rules and standards, Library of Congress rule interpretations or policy statements, and metadata standards and practices. Catalogs physical materials using RDA and creates PCC records where applicable.
  • Contributes name authority work for personal names, uniform titles, corporate names, and series names to NACO/LC Authority File through the NACO program.
  • Contributes subject authority work as needed through the SACO program.
  • Contributes cataloging to international shared-cataloging programs through the BIBCO program.
  • Is a subject specialist in the Latter Day Saint movement and the History of Utah and the
  • West and may be called upon to contribute to the library in this area, including liaison and outreach work. Works with other subject specialists or curators in the library as needed in determining levels of cataloging, subject analysis, classification, and to solve other inter- and intra-departmental challenges.

b) Sets and accomplishes relevant goals within specified professional assignments.
c) Participates in committees that are a direct outgrowth of assigned professional responsibilities.
d) Achieves appropriate quantity and quality of work in assigned professional responsibilities.
e) Uses sound judgment in decision-making.
f) Manages personnel and budgetary resources effectively.

Librarianship: Professional Development

a) Stays abreast of issues, trends, and scholarship in all areas of librarianship and higher education, with particular attention to cataloguing and metadata best practices, rules and standards along with other access and discovery trends.
b) Stays abreast of scholarship in the Latter Day Saint movement and Americana history.
c) Takes courses to enhance professional assignment and/or career opportunities.
d) Studies professional literature.
e) Attends conferences and workshops.
f) Participates in appropriate professional associations.
g) Participates in approved professional development leaves.

Librarianship: Scholarship
a) Participates in research endeavors, either individually or in collaboration with other faculty as appropriate.
b) Presents research or innovative/unique information in fields appropriate to subject assignments and/or librarianship at conferences, workshops, seminars, and/or other professional/scholarly meetings.
c) Publishes significant and original contributions relevant to the library profession and/or the world of academic scholarship in the Latter Day Saint movement and Western history.
d) Curates exhibits as appropriate that highlight unique library materials providing significant educational opportunities for the campus community.
e) Performs other approved scholarship as discussed with and agreed upon with supervisor.

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