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Digital Archivist, Armenians of Whitinsville Online Archival Project, Northbridge, MA


The Armenians of Whitinsville is online archival project dedicated to the Armenian community of Whitinsville. The project is based on the tradition of a memory or village book that Armenians published about their villages in Turkey after genocide and exile. The purpose is two fold. On one level it is a love letter to our community, and when completed it will provide a snapshot of the diaspora as seen through the eyes of this one community.

Please understand that this is new to us. As we speak to participating families and begin to build out the website, we are understanding the need to intelligently manage our database of photos, recipes, audio, video…. We believe that we will need to use a database that our website will utilize by pulling in files as needed or searched, and are not sure how to go about this. We are looking for a person to help us decide on software and help organize the data files intelligently. 

How to apply:

Please contact Greg Jundanian at [email protected]