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IDC Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (November 2021-November 2023), New England Archivists, Volunteer Position

The New England Archivists (NEA) is dedicated to cultivating membership, participation, and leadership that reflect the broad diversity of our region and our profession. Inclusion and diversity are core organizational values at the heart of the NEA’s mission.

The Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC) offers many ways for volunteers to get involved, including coordinating our newsletter column, chairing the Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship Committee, and supporting the meeting program committees with accessibility planning. In the coming year, we will support the work of the Contingent Employment Study Task Force, continue to work on establishing a racial justice honoraria fund, and engage in other projects that promote diversity, equity, and accessibility within NEA.

Joining the IDC is a great way to get involved with NEA. Students and new professionals are particularly welcome to apply. We look forward to working with you!

You can learn more about the IDC’s work here.


The IDC Vice Chair/Chair-Elect serves for two years: a one-year term as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, immediately followed by a one-year term as Chair. The purpose of this structure is to distribute leadership responsibilities and workload evenly within the committee, to give the vice chair a year to become familiar with the IDC and NEA before stepping into the chair role, and to create a mentoring component for both positions. The duties of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect include:

  • Supporting the IDC Chair’s work to coordinate committee programming, events, trainings, and initiatives
  • Assisting with scheduling and creating agendas for monthly meetings
  • Serving as a point person for IDC initiatives as needed
  • Contributing to NEA Executive Board discussions on issues concerning inclusion, diversity, and social justice and serving as a non-voting board member
  • Attending (virtually or in person) quarterly NEA board meetings
  • Coordinating and contributing to the IDC’s ongoing column, “From IDEAs to Action,” for the NEA Newsletter
  • Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours per month

How to Apply:

Brief statements of interest (1-2 paragraphs) are due to [email protected] by the end of the day on Friday, October 15th.

All applicants must be NEA members in good standing. Please indicate in your statement and in your email subject line the position(s) you are interested in. Applicants are encouraged to submit a statement that describes:

  • Your interest in serving on the IDC
  • Why equity, diversity, and inclusion work is important to you
  • Any thoughts you have about how the IDC can better serve the NEA community